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One Consultation May Change Your Life!

When was last time you talked to someone who understands your health issues and gave expert guidance and personal support you deserve? We don’t always mean to fall off track with our health, but life happens. We get busy, we have kids, the job takes over…

I get it. I’ve been there myself. Maybe you are suffering from one or more health issues and you need a major overhaul in dietary lifestyle? Maybe it’s time for a whole body detox?

Health is a birth right and you can make changes starting now.  Invest in the one thing that is most important, YOU!

Programs work best for….

  • People who are serious about feeling, looking and performing better.
  • People who want accountability.
  • People that need help staying on track to work on their eating habits.
  • People struggling with acute to degenerative health issues
  • People who are READY.

As a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Health Coach, and Clinical Iridologist, education is my foremost goal. My hope is to teach you how to take charge of your personal well-being and preventative health care.  In order to take your health to the next level you may need to be open to change your mind, perception and strategies.

If nothing changes, nothing will change. I can help you make the changes necessary………

Whole Body Consultation = Iridology + 12 Week Written Herb Protocol + Follow Up Session

The body is miraculous and can heal on its own, given the correct support. The Whole Body Regenerative Consultation with Tamra Rose is specific for anyone serious about improving various health issues through deep tissue cellular detoxification.

During your session, an herbal protocol will be customized based on your detailed health history analysis and iridology assessment. The herbs will help support your eliminative organs, glands, and tissues while you journey to achieve restored health and transformation

One important step as your Regenerative Detox Specialist is to guide you through the detoxification process. Knowing how and when to adjust herbal protocols and diet comes with experience. I will advise you on how to “slow” down or “deepen” a detox with diversifying herbs accordingly.

Complete Regenerative Consultation

Approx. 90 minute to 2 Hour Session


Whats Included:

  • 90-minute one-on-one consultation
  • Health History Analysis
  • Customized 14 week written herb protocol + session notes mailed after consultation
  • FREE 30 min, Follow Up Consultation. To be used within 30 days.
  • Deep tissue cleansing & regeneration education
  • Dietary advice and recommendations
  • Set healthy goals and plan of action
  • Discuss lifestyle changes
  • Get your questions answered
  • Iridology assessment and overview
  • Review of blood work results, if applicable
  • Herbs sold separately, not included

(Client to provide clear iris photos and fill out and return the health questionnaire form and waiver. Forms are emailed to you after booking)

I recommend a Follow Up consultations check in and re-evaluate your detox journey.

Quick Questions & Expert Answers

Q&A (30 min)



Let’s have a quick catch-up to answer a few questions and keep you on the path into wellness. I am honoured to be able to be a companion to countless people working their way into vibrant health, and keeping in touch with each other is the best way to keep you going in the right direction. Get in touch and let’s talk!

Quick Questions & Expert Answers

Q& A 60 Minutes



VIP Monthly Coaching

The one on one VIP intensive 90 day health coaching program us limited to a number of select VIP clients ready for transformation. Expert guidance, accountability and recommendations to educate and empower you along your way to restored health.

Whats Included:

  • Weekly 60 min. one on one online coaching
  • Written 12 week herbal protocol (herbs sold separately)
  • Iridology overview
  • Weekly email support
  • Learn how to eat a whole-food nutrient-dense plant-based diet
  • Food tips and tricks for sustainable healthy habits
  • Shopping & kitchen guidance
  • Discuss progress and goals
  • Weekly food diary review
  • Food combining education
  • Understand and reduce your cravings (parasites)
  • Cleanse and clean eating education
  • Understand the levels of cleansing (fasting)

VIP 3 Month Coaching Program


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Booking Procedure/Policies:

  • All clients need to FULFILL payment requirement (PayPal, Venmo) within the day you get your email confirmation. If not received within 24 hours of your appointment, it will be automatically cancelled, no exceptions.
  • Before we can continue with your appointment, the (People) Health History Questionnaire form , Client Waiver/Agreement must be received within 24 hours of scheduled appointment.
  • In your email, please also send your iris photos if applicable (labeled left or right eye), a full-body shot photo (pets only), and any blood work you would like over-viewed.
  • Please include ALL information and forms into ONE email to better serve you.
  • Consultations are performed via Skype, Zoom, or Phone -USA only.
  • 24 hour cancellations required for a full refund.
  • Updated 9/15/20. Current office hours are Tues., Wed., and Thurs. 12am-8pm PST.