One Consultation May Change Your Life

When was last time you talked to someone about your health issues and really got the guidance and personal support you deserved? We don’t always mean to fall off track with our health, but life happens.
We get busy, we have kids, the job takes over…
I get it. I’ve been there myself.
Maybe you are suffering from one or more health issues and you need a major whole body detox?
Health is a birth right and you can make changes starting now. 

Invest in the one thing that is most important, YOU!


  • People who are serious about how feeling, looking and performing better.
  • People who want accountability.
  • People that need help staying on track to work on their eating habits.
  • People struggling with acute to degenerative health issues
  • People who are READY.

Cellular Regeneration

Work With Me

As a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Health Coach, and Iridologist, education is my foremost goal. My hope is to teach every one of you how to take charge of your well-being and preventative health care.  In order to take your health to the next level you may need to change your mind, perception and strategies!

If nothing changes, nothing will change. I can help you make the changes necessary.

Don’t waste time on all those detox and diets fads out there that make false claims or that won’t make lasting changes. Let me help you achieve better health, reverse your symptoms of dis-ease and chronic health conditions with foods designed in feeding and regenerating your cells.

Health Coaching

$129  (60 min)

  • Whole Food education/ working with your budget
  • Holistic and natural alternatives
  • Raw diet /food transition/ species appropriate diet
  • Learn about Alkaline and Acidic foods
  • Holistic Approach
  • Diet Diary Log overview
  • Overcome health struggles
  • Accountability

Whole Body Regenerative Detoxification  & Strategy Consultation

Complete Strategic Health Consultation +Iridology Asessement+ Personalized Herbal Protocol (90 min)

Your current health situation can be reversed. The body is miraculous and has the capability to heal on its own given the correct support. The Whole Body Consultation is for new clients to go over the health questionnaire and discuss your issues and goals in-depth. This process will allow a strategy to provide solutions on how to begin your healing journey with the use of herb protocols and learning how to be an active participant in your own health. This program is an advanced regeneration and detox protocol for chronic and or severe health cases. One very important step as your Regenerative Detox Specialist is guide you through the detoxification process. Knowing how and when to adjust herbal protocols and diet comes with experience. I will advise you when to “slow” down or “deepen” a detox diversifying the herbs accordingly.


  • Included in this consultation is a health history analysis, iridology assessment, and 14 week written herbal protocol, with a dietary guide.
  • Follow up  appointments are suggested in 5 weeks in  30 or 60 minutes sessions
  • After a thorough overview is made of your health history forms, symptoms,  and eye iridology evaluations, a herbal protocol along with a dietary guide will be created for you. (How to Submit eye photos)
  • The cost and amount of herbs will depend upon your evaluation and systems of your body that are compromised. Herbs are purchased separately through Our Botanical’s Worldwide.
  • 30 days unlimited email support

Follow up & Strategic Health Consultation

Follow-up Strategic Health Consultation (60 min)

Having an experienced Practitioner work with you on your personal or animals health journey is invaluable. Let us help to speed up your journey, and make sure you are on the right path. We will help you understand exactly what is causing your health issues; and how to fix the problems at the root cause. Without some guidance, your detoxification journey can feel overwhelming. So, having a practitioner to connect the dots for you will provide you with clarity as to what the underlying causes of your health issues are. You will also benefit from clear guidelines on what to eat, be able to have all your questions answered, and overcome any barriers of confusion or fear. We want to help you feel motivated, inspired and confident. Let’s walk the path to “Wellville” together!


Quick Questions & Expert Answers

Quick Questions & Expert Answers (30 min)

Let’s have a quick catch-up to answer a few questions and keep you on the path into wellness. I am honoured to be able to be a companion to countless people working their way into vibrant health, and keeping in touch with each other is the best way to keep you going in the right direction. Get in touch and let’s talk!


(Answer your questions via, phone, email or Skype)




Inquire: $995 (2 payments) and $1595 (3 payments)

  • Consultations are 30 min weekly or 60 min. weekly bi-weekly
  • Email support
  • Learn how to eat a whole-food nutrient-dense plant-based diet
  • Understand your health challenges
  • Food tips and tricks for sustainable healthy habits
  • Easy strategies to transition to healthier lifestyle
  • Shopping & kitchen guidance
  • Discuss progress and goals
  • Weekly or bi-weekly food diary review
  • Food combining education
  • Understand and reduce your cravings (parasites)
  • Understand the levels of cleansing (fasting, raw foods, plant-based, juicing, fasting, mono meal


Home-remedies1Herbs are crucial to the process of healing and for deep detoxification. Nutritional herbs contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and phytonutrients in a way that nature intended, in whole food form. They are packed with nutrients and medicinal properties, and yet not many people understand how they work or are scared to use them due to so much misinformation on the internet.  Herbs assist on cleaning and supporting the kidneys, the lymphatic system and other glands so that they can all work together to heal.

Herb Protocols:

The Our Botanical’s herbs are formulated specifically to focus on the Lymphatic System, (the body’s sewer system) and the kidneys (the main lymph filter), these new kits will guide you through a deeper and more thorough detoxification and set the stage for a more complete healing and cellular regeneration.

Other Services

Mobile Kitchen Therapy/Purge Your Pantry $350 ( house call, 2 hr )

  • A home visit to “detox your kitchen” of all unhealthy foods.
  • Assisted grocery shopping trip
  • Reading labels and understanding ingredients
  • Choosing better foods and making better health decisions in your life
  • Avoiding marketing Traps
  • Learning to make healthy replacements
  • Picking up and buying healthy produce on a budget
  • Learn the answers to all your health and wellness questions regarding what you are putting in your body


Schedule a session

All Clients need to fulfill payment, return the Health History form, Waiver/Agreement 24 hours before your scheduled Initial consultation. Info & documents on the bottom of the Contact page. Thank You!



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