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Rawlife Health Coach Tamra Rose

I am Tamra Rose, Founder of Rawlife Health Coach (Natural Healing for People and Pets.) I specialize in cellular regenerative detoxification & iridology for people and animals.  It is my passion to help people and their animals get to the place of healing.


Tamra Rose has an extensive background in fitness, athletic development, gymnastics, dance, and energy medicine. She is Certified in Cellular Regenerative Detoxification & Clinical Iridologist trained by Dr. Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., I.D., M.H. from the International School of Detoxification since 2012. She holds Certificates in Personal Training, Bio-Dynamic Resonance (Basic), Creative Emotional Wizardry, Usai Reiki, and Shamanic Reiki I and II (through Behind the Veil Mystery School, founded by Rheana Powers.

Tamra Rose implements Energy Medicine, Animal Communication/Intuition, Botanical Herbs, Species Appropriate Food Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, and other learned Holistic modalities with clients.  She believes in a non-invasive approach to health following the laws of nature and principles of detoxification.

Tamra is also passionate about environmental issues and is an advocate of animals. She has devoted much of her life rescuing, rehabilitating, fostering, and re-homing many abused and abandoned pets. She co-founded a 501 c3 nonprofit charity called Animals, People and Environment Action in Los Angeles, California with LA-based dog trainer at See Spot Stay.  The organization’s mission was to bring awareness, not only to animal welfare issues but to bridge the conscious interconnection of animals, people and the earth. (www.apeaction.org.

Tamra Rose’s passion for helping others stemmed from years of her struggles with food issues, chronic fatigue, depression, cancer, endometriosis, and utter complete hopelessness for living with her health conditions. As she journeyed through her whole healing evolution, she knew she had to apply her knowledge and work with animals to others.

Just like in people, animals can have energy blockages stored in their bodies from past traumas, poor diet, injuries, and vaccinations, etc. She found that the application of holistic health and detoxification principles allows for our animals to release traumas and bring their bodies back into balance and health.

Tamra Rose’s consultations are a unique opportunity to learn and experience healing for both you and your animal and to deepen your understanding of your pet’s wellness and emotional needs. Animals and people can easily regenerate their health, and helping animals and their caregivers are her greatest passion. She hopes to be a support and guide to those struggling.

“I hope you will invite me into your life so I can provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed in you or your pet’s journey to wellness.”

Peace, Love, Laughter, Fruit, and Leafy Greens,

Tamra Rose

Natural Healing for Hands, Hooves and Paws!

Level 2 Certified Cellular Regenerative Detox Specialist & Iridologist


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