Natural De-Wormer For Animals


Black Walnut Hull has been used for centuries by Native Americans as an anti-parasite, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal herbal remedy. Constituents include juglone, tannin and iodine — three powerful agents that kill harmful microorganisms, clear up yeast and fungal infections, and destroy over 100 different types of parasite.

A natural de-worming agent for pets. It is considered one of natures most powerful antiparasitic while increasing blood to the cells, kills micro-organisms including all worms and flukes, promotes healing of tissues, stimulates the immune system, and is a detoxifier used to balance sugar levels and disperse fatty materials and more….

According to Marty Goldstein DVM, “The Nature of Animal Healing,” Black Walnut Hull can be used as a preventative to heart worm for those who insist on a more active form of prevention.” He suggests doses of Black Walnut Hull given two to three times a week. While Dr. Marty recommends that pet owners have their pets tested twice a year, he also states, ” for a 30 lb dog, one capsule three times a week during mosquito season in areas reported to any incidence of heart worm.”


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