(Bibliography” The Detox Miracle Sourcebook”- Dr. Robert Morse)



Birds, bears (including chickens, turkeys, etc.) hogs and DOGS

Diet: Some meat, vegetables, fruits, roots, and some barks


Digestive system:

Tongue—moderate to rough
Salivary glands—under-active
Stomach—moderate gastric acids (HCL and pepsin) Small intestines—somewhat sacculated, which accounts for their ability to eat vegetables
Liver—complex and larger proportionally than that of humans

Eliminative system:  Colon—shorter than human colon, with minimal absorption GI tract—ten times the length of the spine

Extremities (limbs):

Hands—hoofs, claws, and paws
Feet—hoofs, claws, and paws
Quadrupeds—walks on all four extremities; except for birds, which have and walk on two legs only

Integumentary system:

Skin—smooth, oily, hair or feathers

Sweat glands—very minimal; only around snout (hogs) and foot pads (dogs) and none on birds

Skeletal system:

Teeth—tusk-like canine teeth or beaks

Urinary system:

Kidneys—(urine) acid



Includes: CATS, cheetahs, lions, etc.

Diet: Mainly meats, some vegetables, grass, and herbs

Digestive system:

Tongue—very rough (for pulling and tearing)
Salivary glands—none
Stomach—simple structure; small round sacks; strong gastric juices
Small intestine—smooth and short
Liver—50 percent larger than that of humans; very complex with five distinct chambers; heavy bile flow for heavy gastric juices

Eliminative system:

Colon—smooth, non-sacculated, minimal ability for absorption
GI tract—three times the length of the spine
Extremities (limbs):
Hands (upper front)—claw type
Feet (lower back)—claw type
Quadrupeds—walks on all four

Integumentary system:

Skin—100 percent covered with hair
Sweat glands—uses tongue, and has sweat glands in foot pads only

Skeletal system:

Teeth—incisor teeth in front, molars behind with large canine teeth for ripping
Jaws—unidirectional, up-and-down only Tail—yes

Urinary system:  Kidneys—(urine) acid

Pet Fooled Documentary

Dr. Morse Discussing Pet Health and Detoxification

At 1:43 ( Tamra Rose- Detox PETS)

Pets and Detox

Diet Myths

Reading Pet Labels

Judy Morgan DVM ( Grocery trip)

Core Herbs for Detox People & Pets


No Such Thing As Disease!!!

Why We Get Sick

1.) The Body in Its Simplicity:

2.) The Healing Crisis:

3.) The Great Lymphatic System

4.) Detoxification:

Art & Science:

5.) The Individuality of Detoxification

6.) “A Talk into the Duality of Chemistry and Physics in respect to health”

7.) “Cancer – The Raw Truth”

8.) “High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. fruit”

9.) Human Anatomy & Physiology

Comparing how various organ system work, first reviewing the traditional explanation and then explaining how healers like Dr. Robert Morse describes the function.





The Detox Miracle Sourcebook

Robert Morse, N.D. It is the best resource book on detoxification, the human body, (the same goes for animals but the difference is to feed animal their species-appropriate diets) how it works and how to heal it. It is a large, easy to read the book and has lots of helpful information and self-assessment health evaluation tools.…/dp/1935826190/ref=sr_1_1

The best resource website is It is an amazing website with tons of information. It was created by a fan. Most detoxification questions can be answered there.

Dr. Morse has made close to 1,000 videos in the past decade and I urge you to watch as many as you can to learn. They can be found on, and also at

There is also an excellent resource video website called where you type in a search word like “Lyme” and in the drop down box check off Dr. Morse’s name and small sections of video segments (video chops) where he mentions that subject will pop up for you to view. It was created by a fan and not all of his videos are indexed, but there are quite a few.

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